Old Avatar on set photo in new high resolution version

February 12th, 2009 by Martin - admin Leave a reply »

Latinoreview.com has gotten hold of a high resolution version of a photo I have published earlier here on avatarplanet.net. This version shows of alot more detail, especially interesting are the monitors above James Cameron’s head.

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  1. Odee says:

    Looks like a cloning station, or growth vat of some type. The monitors appear to be displaying various biologic energy and life readings.

    Hope the movie turns out better than that fiasco from NY all done on a video cameras POV.

  2. Movillo says:

    Great photo, the more i see about Avatar the more interested i am to see some actual production shots.

    And its definately some kind of chamber possibly a high tech rest station.

  3. Martin - admin says:

    Totaly agree, and there are some offical stuff starting to emerge, can wait for the first trailer.

  4. Martin - admin says:

    cant wait that is, of cause.

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