Avatar in first person

March 19th, 2009 by Martin - admin Leave a reply »

A rumour has it that James Cameron will include a 12 minute long clip filmed in first person view in Avatar.

Sounds cool right? I think so. Then I saw this clip embedded below.

It has nothing to do with Avatar, but it really shows in a good way how it could be done. This clip is some kind of demo or viral marketing thing and includes a lot of special effects.

Imagine this in Camerons hands, ad some more special effects, multiply that by ten. And lastly, ad 3D and you will literally be there.

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  1. Odee says:

    Please tell me the entire movie is not going to be from the head cam view.
    Nice touch all those birds flying, then suddenly dropping from the sky.

  2. Pisit says:

    This is GREAT,man!!!

    it’s so attractive!!!!

  3. Mat says:

    The short film has a close resemblance to a game called “Half Life 2″. Even some of the sound effects found in the film are from the game.

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