Avatar almost 3h runtime confirmed

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Avatar will have a runtime close to 3 hours according to an interview with composer James Horner.

And speaking of the film’s score, The Reelz Channel did an interview with composer James Horner (which seems to have disappeared from the website?), where Horner talks about his work on the film. During the interview Horner confirmed that the movie’s running time is very close to three hours in length.

James Cameron have always made long movies, Titanic 3h 14m, True Lies 2h 21m, Terminator 2 2h 17m, The Abyss 2h 18m, Aliens 2h 27m, Terminator 1h 48m. A long runtime hopefully means rich character development and a deep story, so this is good news for me at least.

Also, a new French poster has surfaced.

avatar poster french

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  1. Bob says:

    Sick poster! So, is the movie going to be shown in french too?

  2. admin says:

    Avatar premieres December 16 in France as you can see on the poster. If it will be dubbed into French? I have no idea. Sorry.

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