5 reasons to see Avatar

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If you need a reason – or 5 reasons – here’s my 5 reasons why you should go see Avatar.


  1. James Cameron – The man who brought us the Terminator movies, Aliens and Titanic is back after more than 10 years away from Hollywood.
  2. Special Effects – James Cameron is known for being a pioneer in film making. He pushes the limits of imagination, this time he uses a combination of live action and CGI on a level thats never been done before. Cameron even had to wait for the technology to catch up with his vision before work on Avatar could begin. If he succeeds this is the future way of making movies.
  3. 3D -  Will it revolutionize the movie business like some say? Avatar was made with 3D in mind from the start, James Cameron is betting everything he has on this and he truly believes that 3D is here to stay. Everything in real life is 3D, why shouldn’t movies? Avatar will show if people are willing to pay extra for a movie experience in 3D.
  4. The Avatar universe – Avatar is set to be the starting point of a new universe. Just like George Lucas created Star Wars back in 1977, James Cameron has developed everything on Pandora (the planet where the story takes place) from scratch; a new ecosystem, new spices, a new language, new vehicles and hardware just to name some things we will get to learn when seeing the movie. And the movie will only be one of the bricks building this new universe, games, books, websites and other stuff are to follow.
  5. Escaping reality – This is what movies are all about. You just sit down and you enter a new reality where anything is possible. Avatar will make this even more believable with it’s 3D technology. People who has seen footage of the movie say that they have had memories of Pandora as if they’d actually been there.

Whats’ your reason to see (or not to see), Avatar?

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  1. RTM says:

    How about the story? All those special effects without a compelling story we can root for would be meaningless. Would I care for the Na’vi people? Empathize with Jake Sully’s journey and the predicament he finds himself in? I’m pumped to see this movie but am hopeful that there is a ‘heart’ underneath all the techie mumbo-jumbo to balance things out.

  2. Sanal says:

    well @RTM s correct i am a big fan of James Cameroon and Titanic is very close to my heart but with all the fuzz about is since 2005 im worried if the storyline would be as additing as the graphics ive seen the trailer , the storyline seems a typical stereotype but what could change it is the way is handled , the graphics are breath taking but hope the story does keep one clinging to his seat till the credits, 3 cheers for James for his innovation of the new camera..

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