Complete Avatar scene

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Jake must select a banshee for riding or, at least the banshee must choose him.

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  1. Pisit says:

    Wanna see this scene in 3D!!! can’t wait another 2 days!!

  2. joey says:

    Listen to this duet with Leona singing “I See You”!!

  3. Sylvia says:

    ya,,, i can;t wait for it to come out in DVD so I can watch it as much as I want

  4. Outsider says:


    You wonder who is this man, the army general, the weight bencher, this 57 YEARS OLD tough guy, who is he.?..
    It’s Stephen Lang, talking about having NEW LEGS in Avatar; an old man with a SUPERMAN shape and a NOSE JOB with “laser technology” COLORED LENS, BREATING ON A RESPIRATOR ON PANDORA LAND; like a quadraplegic searching for oxygen…

    I guess he was supposed to be dead already, HollyWood “the brainwashing entertaintment”, it’s outragious to see how they could CREATE a totally NEW ACTOR from someone who concealed that he was cured of his quadriplegic.


    It’s hard for an actor to be always connected to one single caracter; and it’s worse when you’re a great actor.
    For example, Christopher Reeves & Superman; We couldn’t dissociate Mr. Reeves from this super hero image, it ruined his career; We couldn’t see him differently…

    But GodBless the Horse accident, Christopher Reeves became another man, with a new fondation and more money than ever for his research in NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY.

    Now! he’s totally cured, he is so cured that he had to do some “esthetic & plastic” surgery to return back to a movie set; “it’s a new life, with a new name”; I guess nothing is impossible…

    *WHAT?: Why not advertising the fact he got his spinal cord regenerated; WHY?
    Because people are not ready to hear that human technology is already 50 years ahead of what they think they know. Because the economy controls the flow of current dependence on technology. If we stop consuming a product cost, there will automatically be something more gadget on the market, this is not a coincidence. Your iPhone could be older than you…

    Me! Christopher Reeves, I’m cured, I’m no longer associated to Superman, because people think I’m dead as Elvis.
    Since my death announcement, I came back with a new false Biographical identity, under the name of Stephen Lang.

    Stephen Lang is Christopher Reeves; Read his book “Still Me”.

    Shut! it’s Hollywood secret…

    *Forget the magical world of hollywood;
    Earth Pollution meeting in Copenhagen versus Pandora beautiful Nature; 300 000 soldier send to Afganistan to Pump Oil versus soldiers send to Pandora to extract Rocks..ect.

    *Just Clic my name…

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