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The day has finally arrived, Avatar premier day.

It’s been a long wait, and it’s finally over. 11 hours from now I will sit down in a comfortable chair at my local cinema. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa, I’m that excited.

Reviews all over the world seem to be very positive, I’ve never read so many reviews that talk about a move as a “game changer” or a movie as an “experience” the way they do about Avatar.

A while ago I posted a poll asking you to predict Avatar’s box office numbers the fist weekend, I predicted $145 Million, but most of you (35% at the moment) predicts above $175 Million. That is really high predictions! The “box office gurus” out there seems to predict a figure around $75 Million.

Avatar will premiere at 3,453 theaters including a record 178 IMAX screens. The Dark Knight hold the record for widest release at 4,366 screens as well as biggest opening weekend ($158 Million). That’s 900 fewer screens for Avatar so it may be hard to beat TDK.

How much will Avatar earn at the US Box Office the first weekend?

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