Avatar tops Box Office for fourth consecutive weekend

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Avatar will not stop. The past week Avatar added another $200 million to it’s already big coffin and is now standing at $1.34 billion wordwide.

Avatar made $50 million in the North America in it’s fourth weekend, a new record of course. The previous record holder – Titanic – made $28.7 million in it’s fourth weekend back in 1997.

Avatar is now also the most successful movie of 2009 in North America, Avatar now stands at $430 million in North America, beating Transformers 2 that made $402 million.

Titanic’s $1.8 billion worldwide record seems to be up for grabs! Only $500 million to go.

James Cameron’s “Avatar” continues to race up the box office charts, remaining No. 1 domestically for the fourth straight weekend with $48.5 $50 million and placing second among all-time top-grossing films worldwide.

The science-fiction saga from 20th Century Fox added $143 million overseas to raise its international haul to $906 million. With $429 $430 million domestically, “Avatar” has pulled in $1.34 billion worldwide, behind only Cameron’s “Titanic,” which took in $1.8 billion.

In just 24 days, “Avatar” shot past the $402.1 million domestic total of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” to become the No. 1 release of 2009. Cameron’s tale of humans and aliens in conflict on a distant world now stands at No. 6 on the all-time domestic chart.

The film has just over $100 million to go to pass the No. 2 domestic hit, “The Dark Knight” at $533.3 million.

“I think we’ll get there very soon,” said Bert Livingston, 20th Century Fox distribution executive. “I believe anything is possible with this picture. Nothing would surprise me. There’s a still a long way to go, and it’s going to keep on playing and playing.”

Source: The Associated Press

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