“Creating the World of Pandora” – A documentary

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Here’s a great documentary about the making of Avatar. It’s 23 minutes long and contains a lot of cool stuff. A must see for all the Avatar fans out there.

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  1. Adi says:

    Thanks for embedding this mini-documentary! I really enjoyed it. It’s amazing how much new technology was developed for this film. And it will be interesting to see what the affect if that tech is. I have a feeling that the ramifications of this Avatar tech are an order of magnitude greater than the changes brought on by The Matrix, for instance.

  2. Sharon Jerkoivic says:

    I have bookmarked this site. A very special documentary for one of the most amazing movie experiences of my life (for the record, I am 62 years old!)

    I have a comment about the choice of “Avatar” for the human conscious component (the human soul??) for this movie. If you look up the definition of “avatar” , the meaning seems to be an evolved entity that chooses to “go to” a dimension that is lower to the one the avatar is currently “experiencing” or has evolved to.

    I wonder it James Cameron has made a “hidden” joke on us?? I really believe our human race at this time is far less evolved spiritually than the Na vi race, so, he is actually using “avatar” in the reverse!!!

  3. Toruk Makto says:

    That is just Completely amazing!

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