Avatar tops Box Office for SIXTH consecutive weekend

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Avatar tops Box Office for sixth consecutive weekend as it earned $36 million. Avatar is only the second film in history to reign the Box Office for this long, guess what other film has accomplished this – yep, that’s right – Titanic.

Up until now we have compared Avatar to Titanic’s performance, soon however, Avatar will cruise on new water. Avatar now stands at a total of $552.8 million in North America, only $49 million shy of Titanic’s totalĀ  gross. Avatar has now also passed The Dark Knight at the North American Box Office and only has Titanic in front of it.

International figures are lagging a bit in reporting Box Office figures, but you can soon expect reports that Avatar has taken over the number one spot on the World Wide Box Office gross list. And soon after that there will be reported that Avatar became the first movie in history to gross $2+ billion.

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  1. John31 says:

    That’s Awesome, AVATAR is the greatest fim of all time!!!

  2. Cheesybread says:

    This movie diserves all the money it has generated in my opinion, a superb movie in every aspect!

  3. Linda Craft says:

    I LOVED the movie, but i am so disappointed. i went on oscar day and they were not playing it in 3D…..it cost 18 bux and no 3D….what a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!

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