Avatar DVD will be out before June 30

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According to News Corp. chairman and CEO (who owns Fox that financed Avatar), Rupert Murdoch, the Avatar DVD will be in stores sometime before June 30. He did’nt mention anything about Blu-Ray but I assume a Blu-Ray version will be released at the same time as the DVD. I also assume that he in fact means a Blu-Ray release (not DVD) when he talks about 3D versions of Avatar.

However, we will not get the 3D release just yet, that we will have to wait an unspecified extra time to get our hands on.

There is also talk about the upcoming Avatar sequel and that they are in “very early talks about it.” Director James Cameron “has ideas” for a sequel, he said, adding: “We will be pushing for one.”

NEW YORK — News Corp. is in very early talks with James Cameron about a possible “Avatar” sequel.

Asked about potential “Avatar” sequels, chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said on his quarterly earnings call Tuesday that the conglomerate is in “very early talks about it.” Director James Cameron “has ideas” for a sequel, he said, adding: “We will be pushing for one.”

But he cautioned analysts not to “hold your breath for an early one” in a possible reference to Cameron projects often taking a long time to come to fruition.

News Corp. deputy chairman, president and COO Chase Carey interjected that both sides want to make another movie. “We certainly both intend to have one,” he said.

The executives said financing of a sequel like of any movies these days would be key as News Corp. likes to lay off risk, especially since Cameron films tend to go over budget. But given the success of “Avatar,” financing details could come together.

Management also said 60% or more of the profit from “Avatar” will come in over the next two quarters, adding the firm will continue its theater run as the boxoffice goes well, with a DVD release also planned soon after the theatrical run. A DVD release date hasn’t been announced so far.

Pushed further on details about the DVD plans for “Avatar,” Murdoch said it will be released during his company’s current fiscal year, which ends June 30. But he also highlighted that it won’t be a 3D DVD release as that technology isn’t developed enough yet. But Carey added there could be a 3D “Avatar” DVD release further “down the road” when the technology is ready.

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