Avatar cast list.

avatar cast - Sam Worthington - Jake Sully

Sam Worthington - Jake Sully – profile

avatar cast - Zoe Saldana – Neytiri

Zoe Saldana – Neytiri – profile

avatar cast - Sigourney Weaver – Dr. Grace Augustine

Sigourney Weaver – Dr. Grace Augustine – profile

avatar cast - Laz Alonso – TsuTey

Laz Alonso – Tsu’Tey – profile


Michelle Rodriguez – Trudy Chacon – profile


Giovanni Ribisi – Selfridge – profile


Stephen Lang – Col. Quaritch – profile

avatar cast - Wes Studi - Eytukan

Wes Studi - Eytukan – profile

avatar cast - Joel Moore - Norm Spellman

Joel Moore – Norm Spellman – profile

avatar cast - CCH Pounder - Moat

CCH Pounder – Moat – profile

avatar cast - Dileep Rao - Dr. Max Patel

Dileep Rao – Dr. Max Patel – profile

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  1. Rachael says:


  2. Shante says:

    Laz Alonso – Tsu’Tey ! I knew I knew the Navi’s face!! But I just couldn’t figure out who it was!! I didn’t know they made the actual actors look like their characters too! That’s pretty cool. This movie was great!

  3. admin says:

    Yeah, it’s a really cool technology they’ve created.

  4. will says:

    greatest movie ever, first one i’m going to see twice. this movie has made a real impact on me, i just can’t get it out of my head!

  5. Indranie says:

    Dammmmmm yo this movie ga me makin changes… Is kool.. Im really enjoying tellin ppl abt it… AVATAR rock!!!!!!!!!! Tech is gettin Kool……

  6. Cathy Malloy says:

    I saw it without the 3-D and enjoyed it, but then I saw the IMAX 3D version. Awesome! It was like seeing a whole new movie. It was like being in the movie!

  7. Cathy Malloy says:

    First, I saw it without the 3-D and I still enjoyed it. But then I saw the IMAX 3D version! Awesome! It was like seeing a whole new movie. It was like being in the movie!

  8. MAR says:

    This was a beautiful movie! I went to see it in 3-D. The scenery they used was absoluoly GORGEOUS! The moral of the story was planned perfectly! For all of those people who hasn’t seen this movie I recomend it. :)

  9. Don Thomas says:

    The only movie I’ve paid to see twice in a theater.
    I would have to agree it’s the best I’ve ever seen. Ms Saldana’s portrayal of the character “Neytiri” was about as perfect at you can get. The character epitomizes the phrase “strong woman” Wow! Much respect to her.

  10. Doug says:

    visuals great. story LAME! so 80’s! I am getting so tired of the evil greedy earthman/whiteman/Western man raping the environment of the noble idyllic savages who are so superior in every way. what non-reality hogwash! Cameron, can these old tired cliches and use your genius for something truly interesting as well as beautiful

  11. Amaris Garcia-Corpus;) says:


  12. Dany says:

    The best movie ever! i’ve already seen it twice and i am thinking serious of going the third time ! Mister Cameron, you did an excellent job !

    i have a small collection of the movies i love the most … But it is nothing if i can’t manage to get “Avatar ” too! I can hardly wait the DVD!

    And not only the director of the film was great , but all of those who worked hard for creating such a masterpiece. Congrats to all of you!

    Really , there isn’t words enough to describe ” Avatar” . i highly recommend it! For anyone !

  13. Janine says:

    Absolutely brilliant film! Watched it last night and am going to watch again there are many things I probably missed! The expressions of the avatars are fab, very touching story too :)

  14. Tarek says:

    To all the cast in this movie, BRAVO to you all, I am speachless, I saw the movie twice and I can get enough. Mr. Cameron you are the master.

  15. Toby says:

    I agree with Doug. Great graphics. But it was obviously a mix of anti-Vietnam and environmentalist mother earth goddess worship. Looks like Cameron still has some old tired axes to grind.

  16. Sharon says:

    I was sorry the theater was not showing this in 3D but we are planning to go again and see it in 3D if we can find a theater that does not think a re-make of Alice is the best. 3D was used for Alice
    We thoroughly enjoyed this, the background music did not drown out the actors voices and the enunciation was lovely and the story upbuilding for those who are tired of seeing our planet ruined. So many things today are onlyl violence and cursing with no story line. This was GREAT.

  17. Cheryl says:

    This was the best movie since Lord of the Rings! Very visually stimulating and a very touching story – it didn’t seem like it was over 2 hours. I’ve seen it seven times in the theaters and would love to see it at the iMax when it comes out this summer with the extra footage that wasn’t in the movie.
    If you didn’t get to see it on the big screen, you really missed something wonderful!!

  18. DAVID REXROAT says:


  19. madison says:

    this was the greatest movie in history. james camron sould make a sequal and then a sequal to the second one and so forth. i just hated to see the trre fall over and the piolet and nityries dragon thing die but i still loved this movie so whoever hated the movie u must not no wat good actually means.

  20. ari rajab says:

    awesome movie. what a creative way to bash the bush administration. can anyone see the Abitars as Iraqi’s?

  21. michelle rodriguez is a feisty little girl, i like her very tough girl attitude though.;.

  22. maniblue says:

    i live thismovie im addicted i cat wait til the next one til then illl just be comatoseee

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