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Avatar almost 3h runtime confirmed

November 18th, 2009

Avatar will have a runtime close to 3 hours according to an interview with composer James Horner.

And speaking of the film’s score, The Reelz Channel did an interview with composer James Horner (which seems to have disappeared from the website?), where Horner talks about his work on the film. During the interview Horner confirmed that the movie’s running time is very close to three hours in length.

James Cameron have always made long movies, Titanic 3h 14m, True Lies 2h 21m, Terminator 2 2h 17m, The Abyss 2h 18m, Aliens 2h 27m, Terminator 1h 48m. A long runtime hopefully means rich character development and a deep story, so this is good news for me at least.

Also, a new French poster has surfaced.

avatar poster french

Three new Avatar photos

October 30th, 2009



avatar on the set

Three new Avatar photos from the official Avatar website. The first one is Jake Sully as an Avatar on Pandora, wearing some kind of headset. The second one is a beautiful landscape photo from Pandora, amazing detail. And the last one is from the set with James Cameron in center. Click the photos for HQ versions.

In wait for tomorrow, a new Avatar photo appears

October 28th, 2009

Col Quaritch and Jake Sully

The wait is almost over for those of us who hasn’t had the chance to see the final Avatar trailer at a theater. Tomorrow the trailer will be available online in glorious HD. In the mean time,  a new photo will have to do.

New HQ Avatar Photos

October 23rd, 2009

Yet another batch of high quality Avatar photos has turned up. It’s obvious that the Avatar marketing campaign have kicked in to higher gear, and tomorrow the new trailer will debut in theaters. Great times ahead.

Click the photos for high quality versions.






avatar_james_cameron_on_set 2

avatar james cameron on set 3

Avatar photos in high quality

October 19th, 2009

I have found a new batch of photos over at the Spoiler-TV. You can see the photos below, if you click your way to Spoiler-TV you can see high resolution versions. The detail is just amazing.








Official Avatar blog at

October 18th, 2009

The official Avatar blog have been up and running for a while now. It’s a fictional blog where you can get news from the Resources Development Administration (the ones that send Jake to Pandora to mine the planet).

Here’s a summery of what has been published there so far:

“Overhead of one of Hell’s Gate’s central operations rooms shows multiple sets of computer consoles surrounding the Map Table in the center. The Map Table offers 3-D holographic displays of Pandora’s landscapes.” Source


“Schematic of a Massive Truck from user’s manual that is used to transport kilos of Unobtanium from the mines back to Hell’s Gate. This truck is so Massive that the average man on Pandora is only three quarters the height of one of its tires.” Source


“Unobtanium has a unique magnetic field and properties of superconductivity, causing it to levitate as captured in this photo.” Source


“Developed from civilian rebreather technology, the exopack is a lightweight atmosphere filtration system that allows humans to survive on Pandora with a minimum of equipment.” Source


“A propaganda poster for the Resources Development Administration, the leader in pioneering outerspace development.”


“This poster promotes the SECOPS sector of RDA.  SECOPS stand for Security Operations, these are the men and women who serve in RDA’s private military, keeping the miners and scientists safe from the dangers of Pandora.” Source


Avatar teaser trailer – Frame by frame

October 18th, 2009

The teaser trailer has been out for a while now and I’m eager to see the full length trailer that should be out soon. In the meantime I have made a frame by frame (or maybe more like scene by scene) gallery of the teaser trailer where you can have a closer look at what’s going on in a more calm way than watching the trailer where a lot of footage are flashing by in high tempo.


New Avatar photo

October 16th, 2009

A new photo from Avatar has been published by The Hollywood Reporter. It looks like Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) prepared for battle on Pandora.


Five new Avatar photos

August 20th, 2009

Not long before the teaser trailer is unleashed Fox has released five new photos from Avatar.







Navi photo from Avatar

February 2nd, 2009

UPDATE January 13:th 2010: More Avatar photos of the Navi’s can be found here.


Jim over at MarketSaw has gotten hold of another photo of what is supposed to be a Navi from James Cameron’s Avatar. It’s a very blurry photo but you can easily see the characteristics of Navis, thin, tall and in this case, female.

Exclusive New Na’vi Photo

Jim here. In keeping with MarketSaw’s tradition of being the best site on earth for all things AVATAR – I was speaking to a very interesting contact within the AVATAR production and he has some confirmations for us about previous photos from the set. While this is someone who I have spoken with in the past, this is the first material from him. I DO TRUST him however – so enjoy. Hopefully Fox doesn’t ask me to remove it!

More importantly, he provided what I think is the first authentic, FINAL rendition of what the Na’vi will look like – provided by this source who is definitely in a position to know.

Here is what he had to say about the Na’vi:
…their faces are very very reminiscent of Jen the Gefling in the Dark Crystal…(but with a hare lip). They are beautiful, not sexy, just graceful. The problems the boss is facing with the CG is getting the ‘graceful’ right. Oh, and the whole ‘Uncanny Valley’ thing…. the view back across it looks amazing from where I am standing.

So it sounds as though Cameron’s somewhat recent distaste for what has been accomplished in AVATAR’s photo realism is now tempered down to ensuring that his creatures are graceful – which is very important for the illusion of being real. This is good news to me! If the quality of the rendering is there and they are now focusing on movement – the movie is almost there!

Confirmation of previous AVATAR photos: “I can confirm that this photo does have multiple props from varying sets.” He goes further to describe what the bed actually is: ”

On closer inspection it looks like it is from the Bio Lab, not overly sure of its purpose (…he did not work in this area). As will become apparent when you see the finished product, there are many many many different types of ‘beds’. Birthing bed / hospital gurney / incinerator gurney / medivac chamber / sleep chamber / transport chamber…” He also says that “the gurney for space travel is normally upright, wall mounted, to save valuable ($1,000,000 per Kg) space on those long space voyages.”

So I therefore believe that the chamber in the photo is for AVATAR connection between human and Na’vi. That’s my final answer Regis.

He also absolutely confirms that the circular area behind Cameron in the official photo is the military COMMAND CENTER.

FURTHER, he confirms that this image of a military man holding an exotic AVATAR weapon is authentic. Not too surprising as Fox hasn’t asked for it’s removal. Seems if the photos are real, they let them stay up.